Sweet Dough Balls Recipe – Carnival Party

One of the best recipe for Carnival: Sweet Dough Balls (castagnole, in Italian Language). They are fried desserts that are made for the carnival party, there are many recipes about. Personally I have tried many but what I propose here  is the best because they have the right crispness and inside are very soft, and crumbly  in a few words they melt in your mouth.

Let’s see how to make the recipe for the Sweet Dough Balls or Castagnole for your Carnival party.

carnival sweet dough balls

Ingredients for your Sweet Dough Balls Recipe

Kg 1 Flour 00
Gr 200 Butter
GR 250 Sugar
GR 500 Whole eggs
GR 15 Chemical yeast (Becking)
Vanilla and Rhum
A pinch of salt
Seed oil for frying (sunflower or peanut)
QB granulated sugar to pass it on castagnole

Method Tutorial

Knead in a planetary mixer with the hook All the ingredients together, when the dough will be well blended and smooth remove from the planetary, put it in a container covered with the film, and let stand for an hour in the fridge.

with the dough to form small gnocchi.

Prepare the oil for frying on the stove or fryer at 170 degrees.

Start to fry, being careful not to make them too brown.

As soon as fried, drain them on absorbent paper and pass them in the still hot, otherwise cold sugar, the sugar does not stick.

Serve and sprinkle with powdered sugar

Castagnole di Carnevale

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